"Margaret is a warm, loving, compassionate healer and teacher. She has many areas of expertise that I have been blessed to experience including healing, pendulum work and crystals. Her skill in channeling Gunter, a high spiritual master, is amazing. She channeled him privately for me and my life has not been the same since. It was such an honor to be in his presence, pure compassion and light. Thank you." A.P. Garden Grove, CA

"You need to fully realize how each and every one of you, no matter what their status in life, no matter what their education, no matter what the color of their skin, each and every one has more wonderful powers than they can fully comprehend at this time " Gunter

About Margaret

Margaret is a gifted "conscious channel" who has been channeling a spiritual teacher who calls himself Gunter, since 1991. Gunter's far reaching messages of love and inspiration have touched many lives by releasing fear and anger, fostering unconditional love, forgiveness and helping break through personal blocks. Margaret is an Author, Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki® Master/Teacher, Crystal Reiki Practitioner, Ionnix Practitioner and IEH™ Aura Healing Practitioner. She also gives Reiki Classes and Intuitive Pendulum workshops. Her story is below.`


How it all began.........

On a bright sunny Southern California day in July of 1990, Margaret and a friend found themselves browsing in a metaphysical bookstore. They happened across a book on learning to channel and her friend expressed an interest. Margaret said she wouldn't be interested, but would be willing to help her friend in any way she could.

They both purchased the book and as Margaret read she was fascinated and could not put it down; she read into the night. As she awoke she began reading again; the end result, Margaret began to channel. She channeled her guide for 10 months and at that point she was told she had been in “training” and would bring through a Master Teacher. There were many doubts and apprehension, but her guide lovingly explained these away.


When the Master Teacher came through he stated his name was Gunter and he was a being of light. He said he came at this special transition time on earth to help with the evolution of humankind. She found him filled with a love, compassion and understanding beyond words, and so began their relationship, their partnership as he calls it. In 1992 they wrote a book together, “World Evolution, Our Future in the 21st Century”. For 8 years they partnered writing magazine articles for Concepts Magazine. Their work has now expanded to include one on one, group sessions and most recently channeled dialogues.